Newport, RI Yacht Charters

newport image2Alongside with Miami, Newport Rhode Island is one of Born To Run Yacht Charters more popular yacht charter destinations. Throughout the summer time, Born To Run spends a majority of our time up in Newport, showcasing this historical area to its customers. A while ago, this was a summer home to some of the country’s wealthiest families, and it continues to be a very popular destination. Because of its history, the famous mansions are a must see attractions for everyone. Each mansion is more amazing then the next and there are detailed tours that give a glimpse into their beauty.

After you have enjoyed your tours, the fun does not stop. You can be sure to check out:

  • America’s Cup Yacht Race
  • Cliff Walk
  • Newport Jazz & Folk Festivals
  • Great Restaurants
  • Quirky Shops

Born To Run can dock at a range of docks, depending on your length of stay and tourist needs. During the day, we suggest a personal tour around the coast of Newport. A glimpse of this historic city is beautiful from the ocean. It’s shores, beaches, and waterfront properties are majestic. 

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