Montauk, NY Yacht Charters

Montalk NYMontauk, New York is located on the eastern end of the south shore of Long Island. On the long peninsula of Long Island, this beautiful tourist destination is 118 miles east of Midtown, Manhattan. In the past, this area was used as a Navy, Army,Air Force and Coast Guard base. More recently the area has grown as a tourist destination due to its six state parks, fishing ports, beach combing, kayaking and surfing.

Once we dock in Montauk, we suggest you bring a camera and binoculars with you for seal watching walks in the Montauk Point State Park. During the summer, when we provide our trips to this popular location, there is plenty to do. From the active activities listed above to live music to the town’s pubs and cafes, there is something for everyone.

We advise checking out any of the five state parks within Montauk. These parks include:

Follow either of the links above for further information about the state parks. Whether it be a short stop on a long trip or if you want to spend multiple days in Montauk, New York, you can’t go wrong. For further information, please feel free to give us a call at 617-610-2062.

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